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PhotoTrek 2023

On Monday 25 September we had the judging of our PhotoTrek competition. Judged by Paul Graber ARPS from Guildford. Each entrant entered three images. Scores were given for individual images and these were then summed for each entrant to give the overall winner etc. James Munro came 1st, Gus Al-Hassani 2nd and John Stewart 3rd. They also had the top three scoring images of the competition.


mages results: 1st: Nuthatch - James Munro 2nd: Spiral - Gus Ghassan Al-Hassani 3rd Newburgh Dusk - John Stewart

HC Harbour Waters - James Munro HC Do you want to know a secret? - Gordon Rhind HC Evening Rainstorm over Morecambe Bay - David B Jones HC Circles - John Stewart HC Geometry and Scale - Gordy Mackay

C Shooting the Rapids - Stuart Smith C Super Moon - James Munro C Wildflowers in the Park - Ian Hamilton C Misty Spring Beech Woods - Andy Leonard C Fast Bowler - Gordon Rhind

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