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Photo Trek 2020

PhotoTrek Digital Image Challenge 2020

The competition is open to all club members. There will be 5 categories. (See below). We’ve changed the categories this year recognising that travelling is currently not allowed – hopefully this travel restriction will ease during the summer.

  • You are asked to submit a ‘portfolio’ of 3 independent images: choose 3 out of of the categories and submit one photo for each chosen category.

  • Images will be entered via PhotoEntry. The name of the entry MUST be proceeded by the category number. Please use EXACTLY this format: o Cat-1-photoname

  • All images are to be taken between 1st April (we moved this from 1st May) and 31st August 2020.

  • Images may be Colour or Monochrome.

  • All images to be submitted by 2nd September 2020.

  • The images will be judged by an external judge – date to be confirmed. Each image will be scored between 10 and 20 points (the judge will not know the author of the images or the portfolio groupings)

  • The member with the highest scoring portfolio will be the winner.

  • In the event of a tie - the tied portfolio with the highest scoring individual photo will be the winner. If that doesn't separate the winner we will use the scores from the other two photos, if that fails we will ask the judge to choose the winning portfolio from those who have tied (which is what we had to do last year).

The 5 categories are: Cat-1. In the kitchen Cat-2. Into the light Cat-3. In the garden Cat-4. Landscape/seascape Cat-5. Macro

One of Last Years Winning Images

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