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Foood And Drink 2023

On Monday 16 OCtober we had the judging of our Food/Drink competition by Anne Sutcliffe. Congratulations to Sandy Cowie, Morag Cordiner, and Andy Leonard for achieving first, second, and third place, respectively. Well done to everyone who entered.

1st Go for an ice cream. - Sandy Cowie

2nd The water of life. - Morag Cordiner

3rd Oh I wish there was one like this nearby - Andy Leonard

HC A bit fruity - Ralph Grieg

Leak in close up - Andy Leonard

Pink flamingo oyster mushroom - Andy Leonard

C Beer barrels - Sandy Cowie

Circles. - James Munro

Splash of apple - Ralph Grieg

Swiss roll - Morag Cordiner

Time for tea - Gus All-Hassani

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