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Digital Image Competitions 2019/20

The competitions for next season are set out below with guidelines and brief explanations. The competitions are open to all members and entries of up to 3 images will be submitted via Photoentry as usual. All competitions will have an external Judge

• Open Competition • Landscape Seascape • Repetition • Rural/urban Decay • Macro/Closeup

The committee has decided to announce the completion themes to allow members to think and plan the images for next season’s competitions ahead of time . The actual opening and closing dates will be announced with the schedule at our inaugural meeting in September .


As the title states open to all types of images

landscape / Seascape

External images of country side and seaside


Some of the most powerful compositions are found when the photographer can identify repetitious objects or shapes. Such repetition exists both in nature and in the human-made world. (A stack of bottles, a line of windows etc).

Here are a few examples of repetitious photographs to give you inspiration:Some ideas:

• close up of dog fur • row of windows • patterns in high rise windows • rows of plants in a garden • slats of a fence • a baking tray of cupcakes

Rural / Urban Decay

Urban/Rural decay is the process whereby a previously functioning building near a city or an abandoned village to farms and crofts falls into disrepair. It's essentially the art of capturing beautiful photographs of a subject that is inherently not beautiful.

Macro / Close up

It is generally understood to mean any photo that shows the subject closer and in more detail than we’re used to seeing in everyday life.

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