Aerial Combat.jpg

There was a good entry of varied images, including landscape, birds, animals and flowers.

Members marked the images from 1 to 5 and the top 3 images were


1st Andy Leonard with Aerial Combat

2nd Ron Macdonald with “Nomad of the Sky

3rd Michele Emslie with “A Mountain Hare Emerging after a Snow Storm”


Well done to the winners and to all who entered.

Monday Night Meeting - Open 2 Competition

April 1st, 2019

Storr Reflections.jpg

Judged by Ian McCurrach


FPS 387
EPG. 406

Two images scored 20 points
EPG's top image was Storr Reflections by Stuart Smith which scored 20 points.

Well done to everyone.

Photographic Match Fraserburgh Photographic Society V EPG

March 28th, 2019


Last night we held our portfolio competition.


Not a large entry but a quality one according to our Judge Lenny Smith, the lowest scores being 15

We had a diverse range that covered landscapes, owls ,cars ,abstracts and wire wool spinning.

The winning portfolios were 

1st Sandy Cowie - Bottles 

2nd GusHassani - Suggestive abstract images”.

3rd Andy Leonard - A day near Gairloch


Well done to all who entered

Monday Night Meeting - Portfolio Competition

March 25th, 2019

Bernisdale Skye.jpg

Last night we had a Critique Night where the theme was Landscapes.


Members gave an introduction to their image, when, where and why it was taken with details of camera settings.


Fellow members gave suggestions on ways that the image could be improved if it could be improved.


There was a varied selection of landscapes, which brought up the suggestion of what is a landscape.

Well done to members who put up their images for scrutiny.

The image to the left is Sandy’s Bernisdale Skye image.

Monday Night Meeting - Critique Night

March 18th, 2019

Lover's Gift.jpg

Last night we had a talk by John Marks on Landscape Photography


This was followed by Andy Leonard on Wild Animal Photography.


John took us through the equipment required. He explained "f"stop, Shutter Speeds and ISOs. He showed us a video on Aperture.


These videos are available on Links tab of the clubs website


Andy went through the process of photographing mostly birds. We were told of places to go to and wind and Sun conditions to improve your images. We were also warned about the law regarding Schedule 1 birds.


Andy like John also went through camera settings – shutter speeds are faster for bird photography compared to Landscape Photography. The benefits of Back Button Focusing was discussed.

Monday Night Meeting - Landscape Photography Presentation

March 11th, 2019

Oops Pardon Me.jpg

Last night we had the result of our 3 in 5 Minutes competition.

The judge was freelance photographer Michal Watchuick. The object of the competition was to take 3 photographs in 5 minutes. The images should tell a story and should be able to stand-alone.

Four members achieved the top marks of 20 points.
!st Place - Michele Emslie “Oops, pardon me”

2nd Place - Andy Leonard “Sandwich tern fishing”

3rd Place - Chris Long “Rainbowfish”

Luz Mery Suarez “Waiting for the time” was the other 20 point set of images.


Four Members got 19 points. John Hopkins “Using sunlight to make a cyanotype” Ian Adams “Juvenile Cormorant Fishing” John Stewart “Daffodil” Bill Grant “Robin’s Bath Time”.

Thanks to Michael for his judging and well done to members for entering.

Monday Night Meeting - 3 in 5 Photo Competition Results

March 5th, 2019


John Urquhart provided us with an Interesting if not challenging evening.

John finished his talk with an overview of the use of the “ Histogram” both in camera and for post production to ensure we as photographers are able to capture and use as much of the sensor data available to us.

Johns first topic was a personal view of image critiquing and how the group should use the vehicle of critique to engage, understand and improve ones photography.


This session provided the group with a lively discussion leaving us with food for thought for next season.

Monday Night Meeting 

February 28, 2019

Puffings Supper.jpg

We had our Annual match against Deveron Camera Club.


A few members made the long journey from Banff. Neil Blair of Aberdeen Camera Club had been appointed as judge.


The match is decided by each club submitting 25 images and the judge marking the images with no idea which club they belonged to.


Ellon won the tie by 10 points – close match. Ellon also had 3 of the top 5 images with Michele Emslie taking the top image call “Pufflings Supper”

Well done to all who took part and for Neil in his judging of the images.

Home Match Against Deveron 

February 19, 2019

Eye Eye.jpg

Last night we had a Critique Night.


There were 3 members giving their opinion on the images.


The panel were Louise Elder, John Urquhart and Christeen Schofield.


The range of images were varied – old cars and buses, aircraft, landscapes, V & A museum, canoes, Castlegate and A5 shop. John used Lightroom to highlight his comments. Well done to Louise, John and Christeen for their hard work and comments. 

Monday Night Meeting - Critique Night

February 11, 2019

Bottled Yellow.jpg

Last night we had the results of our “Yellow Themed” competition. Unfortunately the Judge Damian Connell could not make it due to distance and weather conditions.


He did provided us with an excellent critique and well judged competition.

The results were-
1st Sandy Cowie with “Bottled Yellow” 
2nd Michele Emslie with “ Eyes like the Golden Sunset “
3rd Equal were Sandy and Pete Thomson with Yellow abstract Primarily and Performance .


We also had a high amount of Commended and Highly Commend images 

Well, done to all.

Monday Night Meeting - Yellow Competition Results

February 4 , 2019


We had a Show and Tell evening tonight. Members brought along their camera bags and emptied the contents on the table.


The contents were varied and included polarisers, filters, wrenches, remote controls, straps, plastic bags, drone, things that weren’t used and shower caps. Members brought bags that were used for film cameras, safaris, whale hunting, travel and macro.


Well done to all who participated in an informative evening.

Monday Night Meeting - What's In Your Bag

January 28, 2019

Seoul food.jpg

Tonight we had the results of our street photography competition.


The competition was judged by Peter Alvey.


There was a good entry of varied images from all.


1st place Russell Moffat with “Seoul food”

2nd place Pete Thomson with “The waitress”

3rd equal Russel Moffat with “The bright side of the road “

3rd equal Andy Leonard with “Window Dressing.


Well done Russel and to all who entered

Monday Night Meeting - Street Photography Competition Results

January 21, 2019

Sharp Eyed.jpg

Last night we had our Black and White print competition.


There was a good entry of varied prints.


The winner was Michele Emslie with her image “Sharp Eyed” 


2nd was John Stewart with “V & A at Riverside”


3rd was Stuart Smith with “Bonnie Lass”


Well done to Michelle and all who entered.

Monday Night Meeting - Black & White Print Competition

January 14, 2019


Last night we had our Audio Visual night.

There was a varied selection of subjects, these included Western Isles including Lewis, Harris and Benbecula, Forvie, Sutherland, Night Time Photography, Airshows, Iphone Images, Re-enactments and Artist’s Cloth.


Bill Grant showed his images of recent trip to Dubai.

Monday Night Meeting - Audio Visual

January 07, 2019


Tonight we had our Christmas Quiz.


The quiz was 45 prints of local places with a supplementary question. There were also anagrams of photography terms and names.


The winning team was Louise Elder, Heather Dilworth and Joyce Gall with Sandy Cowie and Ray Shaw taking second place.

Thanks to John Hopkins for the images and Andy Leonard for the anagrams.

Well done for organising a great night.

Monday Night Meeting - Christmas Quiz

December 17, 2018


Tonight we had a Black and White critique night.


The panel were:


Michele Emslie

Peter Thomson

John Urquhart


They gave many constructive comments on the 26 images. Thanks to all three for the hard work they did in preparing for the evening.

After the critique we saw the 45 images from our recent print match with Bon Accord and Westhill.

Monday Night Meeting - Black & White Critique

December 10, 2018


Tonight we had a talk from local photographer Scott Hogg. With more than 18 years of experience as a full time, multi-award winning, MPA/BIPP/Guild qualified professional photographer.


He started off telling us about starting off on photography and getting involved in Wedding Photography.


He then moved on to Travel Photography showing images of Death Valley in America and Philippines.

Monday Night Meeting - Scott Hogg Talk

December 03, 2018


Tonight we had a 3 way print competition with Bon Accord and Westhill.


The competition was judged on 15 prints per club.


Bon Accord were the overall winners with 267 points

Ellon were second with 252 points

Westhill third with 234 points

Thanks to Bon Accord for arranging the competition and for Nicola Shepherd for her informative comments on the prints.

The link below shows Nicola Shepherd's page on the St Andrews Photographic Society web site

Thursday Night 3 Way Print Competition

November 29, 2018


Tonight we had a talk by Sandy Cowie and Peter Thomson telling us about photographic awards.


Peter told us about the PAGB which is affiliated to SPF and used digitalI mages.

Sandy told us about the RPS which has been going since 1853. He showed us John Urquhart’s LRPS portfolio and then his ARPS. Portfolio.

It was a good evening explaining the differences between the awards.

Well done Peter and Sandy.

Monday Night Meeting - Photographic Awards Talk

November 26, 2018

Cyanotype Feather.jpg

1 Developing  Film

2 Making your first B&W print

3 Silver Gelatine Print making - Tim Rudman

4 Bromoil print with Joy Goldkind

5 Mordancage Printing - Elizabeth  Opalemik

6 The  Albumen Print

7 The  platinum  Print

8 Cyanotype

Useful Links Relating to Talk by Club Member John Hopkins

November 20, 2018

Cyanotype Feather.jpg

Tonight we had a talk by John Hopkins entitled Alternative Photography.


John gave a PowerPoint presentation on his passion for developing and printing his images. He talked about the history of photography and showed us his pinhole camera and explained how it worked.


He did a dry run of the procedures for developing and printing images. He then talked about Alternative Photography using chemicals, paper and UV.


A very good presentation John. 

Monday Night Meeting - Talk by Club Member John Hopkins

November 19, 2018

Watchman Awakes.jpeg

In the 1980’s, following the birth of his twins, in order to supplement his income, he embarked on Lecturing in GSE O and A Level Photography at Aberdeen College in Extra Curricular Classes.


A required component in these Courses College was to teach the History of Photography, and this inculcated an ongoing interest and study in this domain, which continues up until the present day


To read a brief biography of Ian McCurrah please CLICK HERE

Ian McCurrach, A Personal Photographic Biography

November 13, 2018

Sliver of Yellow.jpg

Tonight we had our Abstract Competition. The judge was Ian McCurragh from Aberdeen who has visited the club many times. He was blown away with the quality of image tonight.

The top three images were :-

3rd Day Dreaming - Gus Al-Hassani

2nd Re-educating Aberdeen - Chris Long

1st Sliver of Yellow - Sandy Cowie

Well done to the top 3 and all who submitted images.

Abstract Competition Result

November 12, 2018

The entry deadline is approaching for the Scottish Nature Photography Awards 2018.


This annual photographic competition celebrating nature, wildlife and landscape photography in Scotland is open to professional and amateur photographers from around the world, but images must be taken in Scotland.


Entries close 24:00 hours GMT on Friday 30th November 2018

For full details click on the link below:

Scottish Nature Photography Awards 2018

November 08, 2018

Tonight we had a presentation by Neil Hargreaves on Street Photography. His presentation was well received by the members present. 

He gave us an insight on his take of street photography and how over the years he has tried to develop his own unique style. His images in the presentation were supported with shutter speed, F number, ISO and focal length which our members found beneficial.

His work can be viewed at

There were a number of questions regarding the law and street photography and the following links may be useful. Street Photography and the Law  - Wikipedia Photography and the Law

Street photography by Neil Hargreaves

November 05, 2018

This Saturday (3rd Novemeber) is the 2018 Fireworks Against Cancer in support of UCAN firework son et lumiere to be held at The Haughs, Turriff, at 8 p.m. Gates open 5 p.m. This year, as an added interest we are holding a competition for the best fireworks photograph. The competition rules are simple- Take a photograph (or several!) and email it to this address within the following week and the winner will receive a wee prize and the honour of gracing our publicity, social media and other usage, along with credits for and during our 2019 event campaign in exchange for copyright of the winning image.... Please see our Facebook page for full details of the event on Saturday and we look forward to seeing you on the night if you can make it! kind regards Many thanks John, Anna Gavin & Katrina On behalf of Fireworks Against Cancer in aid of UCAN c/o East Balthangie Cuminestown Turriff AB53 5XY Tel 01888 544261

Fireworks Competition in Turriff

November 02, 2018

We have a  presentation this Monday on Street photography by Neil Hargreaves . See his 500px profile for some inspiration for our up and coming Street Photography competition.


Also the planned outing for next Wednesday  is a an  evening one  to  Aberdeen for  night photography . Meet at  Ellon Park and  Ride at  1830 

Up & Coming
November 02, 2018

Last night we had a talk by 4 members about “The Islands”.


Sandy Cowie started with his images of Lewis, Harris and Skye.


This was followed by Bill Grant who showed Skye and Orkney.


John Urquhart was next with Lewis and Mull. Followed by Andy Leonard with Lewis, Harris and Uists.


All different takes on the islands. The evening finished with Sandy’s award winning Audio/Visual of Harris Tweed.  Well done to all 4 of you.

The Islands
October 29, 2018

Tonight we had our annual match with Craigewan in Peterhead.


Craigewan came out victorious by 15 points. Well done to Ron Macdonald, Bill Grant and Andy Leonard for our top 3 images.


The top three Ellon images from the Criagewan match - terns by Andy L, Trees in Mist by Bill G, Swimming in a sea of sand by Ron McD. They scored 17, 18, 18 respectively (18 was the highest score he gave). The judge was particularly enthusiastic about Ron's picture - but wanting it cropped to remove the sea.


Thanks to Lenny Smith for judging the match and to Craigewan for hosting the match and the refreshments were excellent.

Craigewan Match - Peterhead
October 23, 2018

Last night we had a talk on Speedlights by Graham Dargie.


Graham started his talk by showing us his images from his tours to Kenya.


He then showed us some images using flash before giving us a demonstration with our very own Phil Harman as a model, pictured to the left.

You can visit Graham's site from this link.

Graham Dargie on speedlights
October 22, 2018

The Geological Society, 2018 Earth Science Week Photography Competition.


With a theme of ‘Earth science in our lives’, this year’s competition asked entrants for images of UK & Ireland geology which means something to their lives – whether the location of a field trip, a place near home or simply somewhere they love to visit. 

Our very own Andy Leonard achieved FIRST PLACE! with ‘Bow Fiddle Rock’ (Portknockie near Cullen, Moray, Scotland)  Andy's comments on the photo were "Bow Fiddle rock is eroded from Cullen Quartzite and is an extremely well known landmark.  I, and many others, moved to NE Scotland in the oil boom of the 1980s and this is one of the many beautiful landscapes within the area."

A big well done and congratulations from all at the club. Click on the image for a link to the website

2018 Earth Science Week photography competition winners revealed!
October 15, 2018
Sunflower Drops.jpg

Last night we had the judging of the Open Competition. The marking was done by members. Some members did their marking online and others did it on the night. 

The result were:

Top 3 images
1 - Sunflower Drops: Michele Emslie
2 - Preparing for the Fight: Andy Leonard
3 - Having a Rest: Yvonne Miller


Well done to the top 3 and all who entered.

Monday Night Meeting - Open Competition Results
October 15, 2018

Pete Thomson and Sandy Cowie put together an interesting programme about abstract photography with a short video on abstract.


Then hints and tips on producing abstract images, followed by sources of inspiration.


Sandy showed a range of abstracts, which created discussion within the meeting.


A number of members have been suitably inspired to go and try some of the ideas put forward.

Monday Night Meeting - Abstract Photography
October 08, 2018

Last night we had a talk from Andy Hall. His talk was called the Art of Photography


Andy showed examples of his techniques leading up to the Decisive Moment.


His talk was well appreciated by everyone. He finished with a tribute to Richard Schofield.

Andy also runs a photo school and details of the prices and courses on offer can be found by clicking on this link:


Thanks again to Andy for a very informative evening. 

Monday Night Meeting - Andy Hall "The Art of Photography"
October 01, 2018

Tonight we should have had a presentation by John Marks but John ended up in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary – all the best John.


John Stewart did an Audio/Visual about his West Highland Way walk in May and Andy Leonard showed images of his 2 weeks in Orkney.


We were then shown the images that will be used in our forthcoming match with Craigewan.

Monday Night Meeting 

September 24, 2018

Tonight we had our critique night where the panel gave their opinions on the PhotoTreck entries from the previous week.

The judging panel were Sandy Cowie, Louise Elder and Donna Nelson. They provided informative feedback on the images submitted and were well received by the members present.


Thanks again and well done on your efforts. 

Monday Night Meeting - Phototrek Critique Panel

September 17, 2018

We had the judging of our PhotoTrek competition. While the marking was taking place Peter Thomson went over our images that were in the SPF Portfolio Competition. Then Stuart Smith showed a video of his lap of the TT circuit in Isle of Man.


John Stewart was 1st

Michelle Emslie 2nd

Gus Al-Hassani 3rd


John’s top scoring image was echinops.

Michell’s top image was Damsel at Sundown

Gua’s top was En Route to Cuillin  (this was also the top scoring individual image of the competition).

Monday Night Meeting - Phototrek

September 10, 2018

At tonight's inaugural meeting Bill Grant ran through the highlights of last session and introduced the committee.


Peter Thomson talked us through the highlights of the coming session and Andy Leonard explained the competitions.


We had a few of images by Richard Schofield who passed away this year. 47 members rejoined and 4 new members joined.

Monday Night Meeting - Inaugural Meeting

September 03, 2018

Richard passed peacefully on Saturday, June 30, 2018.


Richard, aged 64 years, beloved husband and soul mate to Christine. 


Will be sorely missed by all at the club, his photography inspired many members.

Sad Passing of Richard Schofield

July 06, 2018

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