Monday Night Meeting - PhotoTrek Results

September 09, 2018

The overall PhotoTrek winner for his portfolio of three images was John Stewart.

The images were Echinops, Midsummer’s Night and Tidal Patterns.

The top images in each category were:

Cat-1: It’s All in the Detail - ‘Damsel at Sundown’ by Michele Emslie

Cat-2: From a Different Angle - ‘Barking up a Tree’ by Phil Harman

Cat-3: Shapes/Curves/Patterns - ‘Tidal Patterns’ by John Stewart

Cat-4: Seascapes/Landscapes - 'En Route to Cuillin’ by Gus Al-Hassani

Cat-5: Events - ‘Whats your Next Move Then’ by Duncan Rennie

The top scoring image of the night was 'En Route to Cuillin’ by Gus Al-Hassani

Season Start - Inaugural Meeting

September 02, 2018

At tonight's inaugural meeting Bill Grant ran through the highlights of last session and introduced the committee.


Peter Thomson talked us through the highlights of the coming session and Andy Leonard explained the competitions.


We had a few of images by Richard Schofield who passed away this year. 47 members rejoined and 4 new members joined.


July 30, 2018

Images for the summer PhotoTrek competition can now be put into PhotoEntry - although the closing date isn't until 1st September.

The rules are as follows.




PhotoTrek Digital Image Challenge

Theme: UK in the Summer

The competition is open to all club members.
There will be 5 categories:


Cat-1 It’s all in the detail
Cat-2 From a different angle
Cat-3 Shapes/Curves/Patterns
Cat-4 Seascapes/Landscapes
Cat-5 Events.


Choose 3 out of 5 of the categories and submit one photo for each chosen category.
Images will be entered via PhotoEntry. The name of the entry MUST be proceeded by the category number. Please use EXACTLY this format:

'Cat-x-photoname' (where x = number 1 to 5)


All images are to be taken between 1st May and 31st August 2018.

All images to be taken in the UK

All images should reflect the subject of ‘SUMMER in the UK’. ie images that could have been taken anytime, anywhere will be marked down!

Images may be Colour or Monochrome.

All images to be submitted by 2nd September 2018.

The images will be judged at the club meeting in early September 2018.

The member with the highest scoring portfolio will be the winner.

In the event of a tie, a score count back will be carried out.

Sad Passing of Richard Schofield

July 05, 2018

Richard passed peacefully on Saturday, June 30, 2018.


Richard, aged 64 years, beloved husband and soul mate to Christine. 


Will be sorely missed by all at the club, his photography inspired many members.

Monday Night News

April 15, 2018

Last night we had a talk from Ray Shaw about his safaris. This was an interesting and informative talk. His trip was to Zimbabwe and Botswana. He explained how they got there via London and Johannesburg. His first set of images were at Victoria Falls including a video. Then we were shown and told about his river trip and land excursions. Ray answered many questions about the area, animals and getting there. Had a Safari with Google maps and it looks amazing – the bridge across the Zambezi is still not completed.
Thanks Ray for an enjoyable evening.

Monday Night News

April 08, 2018

Last night we had the final competition of the year - Open 2.


The top three images were:

1st Storr Reflections - Stuart Smith

The Hunter - Andy Leonard

Sweet Colours - Luz Mery Suarez

Monday Night News

April 01, 2018

Tonight we had a talk from Alan Gawthorpe of Bon Accord and Mearns Camera Clubs. His talk was about travel photography. He started by saying to read up about where you are going beforehand.


He showed images of China, Burma, Sri Lanka, Iceland, Scotland, and Namibia. His images were a mixture of landscapes, people, and wildlife.

Thanks to Allan for an enjoyable evening.

Monday Night News

March 25, 2018

Last night we had the results of our Portfolio competition. First place went to Sandy Cowie with his portfolio called Geophots.


The second was Yvonne Miller with Fungi


Third John Stewart with Water on the Rocks.


Well done to all who entered. Attached are examples of the top 3 portfolios. The judge for the competition was Lenny Smith who did a great job of going over each portfolio on the night and giving his expert knowledge on the images. Lenny showed us examples of own wildlife images that made him UK Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Well done again to all and Lenny for his judging.

Monday Night News

March 19, 2018

Last night we watched a webinar on composition and Style.This webinar looked at the different ways you can perceive and interpret the landscape through your photography at both image capture and processing stages.

Monday Nights News

March 12, 2018

Last night Michal Watchuik enthralled us with his talk on Press Photography and Commercial Photography. He told us about his early days changing from chef to photographer. Michal showed us the equipment he uses.


He regaled us with his stories about Press Photography and showed examples of his work. Thanks for an enjoyable night Michal.

Monday Night News

March 05, 2018

Last night we had the results of the Night Image competition - judged remotely by Piers Hemy from Cromarty Camera Club.

1st Place John Stewart's B&W 'Gaslamp Alley'.
2nd place was Bill Grant's 'Waiting for a Call'
3rd place was Luz Mery Suarez's 'Blue Moon Night'

The highly commended images from the Night Images competition were:

Ghassan Al-Hassani's 'Aberdeen Celebrating Christmas'
Andy Leonard's 'Calton Hill'
Peter Thomson's 'Christmas Lights'
Duncan Rennie's 'Crossing the Lossie'
John Stewart's 'The End of the Day'
Dave Johnston's 'SSE Hydro'

Well done to the winners (and everyone else!!).

Monday Night News

February 26, 2018

Tonight Sandy Cowie did a talk on Filters. He explained the various type, sizes and shapes. He showed examples of the filters he used.


Sandy answered many question about filters and various member gave their experiences of using filters. He showed many examples of images using ND, Grad and Polarisier.


The image shown is one of Sandy's from Iceland.


Thanks Sandy for an enjoyable evening.


This is the site John Stewart uses for filters and other accessories.

Devron 376 - 410 Ellon

February 20, 2018

Last night we had our annual match with Deveron Camera Club at Banff.


The result was Deveron 376,  Ellon 410.


Ellon took the top 3 images – 
Joint: Second: Lover’s Gift - Andy Leonard
Joint: Second: Stormy Day at Rattray - Michelle Emslie
First: Seventh Wave - David Jones

Well done to all those whose images were used and to those who made the trip to Banff. Thanks to Deveron Camera Club for organising and catering on the night and thanks to Damien Connell from Moray Camera Club for judging.

Monday Nights News

February 19, 2018

Tonight we had an interesting night - Favourite / Least favourite piece of kit. It was a show and tell for members to bring along pieces of equipment and talk about them.


The range of items that were spoken about included tripods, camera bags, bean bags, Range Finder camera, Nifty Fifty lens, remote control, reflectors, waterproof camera, camera straps, manual and a £10 card with 3 by 2 hole cut in it.


Well done to all who brought items along.

Monday Night News

February 12, 2018

Last night we had a Critique Night. The experts giving their opinions were:


Lynn Smith


Andy Leonard


Peter Thomson.


There were a 38 images being assessed and varied from landscapes, seascapes, night time, portraits, abstracts and animals. All 3 gave their views, which in most cases were similar. Peter amended a few on Photoshop to show what the new effects would look like. 

Monday/Tuesday Nights News

February 06, 2018

Tonight we had the results of Minamilist Competition. Ian McCurragh had the difficult task of judging the entries. The winner was Sandy Cowie, Bill Grant did really well with both 2nd and 3rd images.

Nine images were singled out for special mention. Authors included Gus Hassani, Richard Schofield and Michele Emslie. Well done to the winners and all who entered.


Thanks to Ian for his views on the images.

Change of Night

February 03, 2018

Change to Next weeks meeting

So the results of the Minimalist competition will take place on Tuesday instead of Monday. We have had to change our meeting next Monday to Tuesday as next Monday is a rescheduled parents evening. 

Night Images Competition

The closing date is now extended to Sunday the 4th February ( This will give the opportunity to get the full moon this week (if the clouds clear again!!).

Monday Night News

January 29, 2018

Last night we had a talk from Jim Dilworth. His talk was called Water Photography from Mountains to Sea. He showed many images from Scotland including Glencoe, Gareloch, Deeside, New Aberdour, Bow Fiddle Rock, Harris and St Kilda. There were also images from Ireland and Slovenia. Jim answered questions on settings used and locations. He also showed us panorama images where he merged around 10 images. Well done Jim for an enjoyable night.

Monday Night News

January 22, 2018

Last night Sandy Cowie talked about the Portfolio Competition. Explaining the forms, titles, and arrangement of prints. He showed us his Portfolio from 2016.


Closing date for submissions is 26th February.


The rest of the evening Peter Thomson showed us a video about creating your own style of landscape photography.

Monday Night News

January 15, 2018

Tonight we had our Black and White Print Competition. There was a large number of entries and it was an Open competition the various categories included portraits, animals and landscapes.


The competition was won by Neil McGoldrik with his image “The Crossing” of Carrbridge.


Second was John Stewart with “Bleak Midwinter”


Third was Michelle Emslie with “Barn Owl”.


Well done to all who entered by getting their images printed and mounted.

Monday Night's News

January 08, 2018

Tonight we had our Audio/Visual night. 


We had presentation about Lewis and Harris, Singapore and Perth, Mull, North Coast 500, Windows and eventually Abstract images.


Well done to all who put together such fine presentations.

Happy New Year

January 01, 2018

First club meeting of the year will be Monday 8th January.


Audio Visual Night

Photo Entry

December 17, 2017

The Minimalist competition is now open again. Malcolm and Andy have looked at some images, comparing between Photoshop/lightroom and photoentry resizing. There are some VERY MINOR differences (and not necessarily Photoshop/lightroom is better) - but they are not significant. Making sure that original image is high quality is the important factor!

Following the image sizes now accepted by the Scottish Photographic Federation (and many other clubs - including the two others in the recent Triple Match) we will shift to new image sizes: maximum 1600 pixels on horizontal edge and maximum vertical edge of 1200 pixels. Photoentry will now resize to these dimensions.

Tuesday Nights News

December 12, 2017

Last night we had the results of our “3 in 5 Minutes Competition”. The judge was Michal Wachucik who is employed as Press Photographer.


The top 2 entries were John Urquhart with his 3 images of clock towers in Aberdeen and Sandy Cowie with his 3 abstract images of yacht rudders. Thanks to Michal for his well accepted opinions on the images.

Monday's Night Meeting (04/12/2017)

December 04, 2017

Tonight we had a talk from Dave Watson of Aberdeen Bon Accord Camera Club. The talk was about mirror-less cameras. He took as through the development of cameras from film SLR’s to digital SLR then Mirror-less and Micro Four Thirds.


He brought along his camera equipment and prints to show the quality of images produced. He finished with a video of his travels around Scotland using video, time lapse and stills. Thank you David for an enjoyable night. The i,age shown (full image by clicking on the button) was taken by John Stewart with his Lumix G7 on Friday morning at an icy Newburgh beach.

Monday Night's Meeting (27/11/2017)

November 27, 2017

Tonight John Urquhart gave a demonstration on using Colourmunki to calibrated the laptop and projector.


We then spent time refreshing the images for matches.


Finally Andy Leonard showed a DVD with the SPF images from Portfolio competition. This replaced the planned evening by Michele Emslie on Aurora Photography which will be set for another night.

For more information on ColorMunki click on the button below

Ellon Reign Victorious

November 20, 2017

Tonight we had our Triple match against Peterhead and Fraserburgh. Ellon came out the top club with Andy Leonard getting top image.


Well done to all whose images were used and to Lenny Smith for judging the 60 images.

To see the top image click on the gallery link button below.

Second Critique Night

October 30, 2017

Tonight we had our second Critque night. The three members giving their comments on the images were Michelle Emslie, Donna Nelson and Sandy Cowie. The threesome gave good advice about cloning or cropping images. Take it from a different angle. They did not totally agree with whether to crop the top or bottom. Well done to all three for giving their opinions on 29 images.

Top Image from Craigewan Match

October 26, 2017

The top image from the Ellon v Craigewan Match on Monday was:
Rain: 20 pts by Mark Strachan of Craigewan.

Well don Mark, great shot.

Ellon Victorious In Craigewan Match (Ellon 376 - 350 Craigewan)

October 22, 2017

Tonight we had our first match which was against Craigewan. Craigewan had the top 2 images but Ellon won with 376 compared to Craigewan’s 350points.


Well done to all whose images were used and to Haley Fraser who had the hard job of commenting and giving them marks. Thanks to the Craigewan members who attended to support their club.

You can see examples of our judges work at

Critique Night

October 01, 2017

Monday we had a critique night with members submitting images to be scrutinised by a panel consisting of Louise, Donna and Malcolm.


It was a good night with the threesome agreeing quite a lot on their views. 


Well done to all 3 of you for your hard work and opinions.”

Haddo Arts Festival

September 30, 2017

Haddo Arts Festival 


Andy Leonard won the Wildlife and Land, Sea and Shore categories and Overall winner – well done Andy. 


Sandy and John Stewart were highly commended.


The images are on display at The Pheasantry  at Haddo for the next 2 weeks from 10am to 4pm. John Stewarts image The Road to the Hills is shown.

Club Change of Room - Ellon Aademy

September 14, 2017

Monday Night Club Meetings will now be held in room F51 as of Monday 18th September 2017 

Deeside Outing Wednesday (06/09/2017)

January 01, 2020

A shot from Wednesdays outing to Deeside courtesy of John Stewart.

Monday Night Meeting (04/09/2017)

September 04, 2017

Monday night Richard Schofield did a masterclass on flower and macro photography. Thanks for a good night Richard.

Below are links to some of the equipment he used.

Day Light Bulbs

Bulb Holder

Bulb Holder Stands

Light Stands

Umbrella Kit

Soldering Iron Holder

Wednesday Outing - Fowlsheugh and Dunnottar Castle

August 29, 2017

The Wednesday outing went to Fowlsheugh and Dunnottar Castle. 2 members were there in time to catch the Sunrise – 6am.

EPG First Meeting of the Season

August 27, 2017

The first meeting of the season was well attended by over forty of our members. Fees were paid and the season programme handed out. Hopefully the air conditioning will be sorted by next Monday as it was rather warm. Please remember if you are entering the summer phototrek competition the closing date for entries is the 4th of September and judging by club members on the 18th. All entries to be submitted via photoentry.

New Season Starts

August 17, 2017

We kick off the 2017/18 session on Monday 28th of August 1900 in the Staff room at Ellon Academy . 

The inaugural meeting will introduce the Group to new members and update all on the activities and schedule for next year.

Please bring along a completed membership form if you are a new member or have any changes to circumstances .There  will be printed copies available on the night

The fees for this season have changed in that we have a flat fee of £40 for the whole year 

payable on the night or by BACS transfer in advance following the instructions in the e-mail you will have received.

Wednesday Morning Outing - Tarlair

August 08, 2017

Wednesday outing to Tarlair - weather not as weatherman promised

Season 2017/18

August 07, 2017

The new EPG season starts on Monday 28th August 2017. Ellon Academy staff room 19:00 - 20:30

Fee of £40 to be paid by BACS prior to the night or £40 cash on the night

Saturday Workshops

January 19, 2017

Saturday workshop - Saturday  28 January

Main Topic is Filters and there uses  — including how to take slow landscapes using ND filters but as usual  we can  discuss other topics 


Saturday, February 25

This is a  “Beginners  workshop “  Topics  received so far are Composition, auto focus calibration , publish pictures on the web /applications and ISO to  name a few.

Happy New Year

January 05, 2017

Monday night is the B&W print competition so bring your prints along

Also our next competition  “ Transport” is open for entries and it closes Monday 16th.

Clifford "Cliff" Buchan

December 04, 2016

Clifford "Cliff" Buchan

19 April 1951 -  03 December 2016

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Clifford Buchan who passed away peacefully on 3 December 2016

Cliff was  a keen photographer and he would spend a lot of time trying to capture a perfect shot and often successfully entered competitions held at Ellon Photographic Club.

Something to do Over Christmas

December 04, 2016

As a reminder (and something to do over Christmas) - we have A Black and White print competition on the 9th January.


- Just bring your prints (maximum of 2 each) along on the night.

- Any subject.

- Prints should be mounted - image size from 8x10 inches to a maximum of 16x20 inches (maximum mount size 20 x 24 inches).

- we will judge the images ourselves on the night.

Saturday Workshop

November 24, 2016

Just a reminder to members we are running our November workshop this  Saturday in Ellon Academy Community room 3 

10am to 12Noon 

The main topic this Saturday  is mounting  photographs 


I am sure those on hand  can answer/address almost any  question /topics if needed 

Triple Match - Peterhead, Fraserburgh and Ellon

November 15, 2016

Tonight we had the triple match between Ellon, Peterhead and Fraserburgh.  20 images from each club judged by Bob Humphreys.

It was a very close competition - Ellon came out as victorious with 306 points vs 301 from Fraserburgh and 303 from Peterhead.

Ellon had the top 2 images:
- 20 points:  Italian Chapel, Orkney - Bob Grant-Beer
- 19 points:  Feeding Frenzy - Pete Thomson

Other high scoring images from Ellon were:
- 17 points: Reflections on the Tyne II  - John Marks
- 17 points: Moonlight Collision Pier - John Stewart
- 16 points: Stonehaven Harbour Blue hour - Richard Schofield
- 16 points: Tyne Reflections - John Marks

Well done to all!!

Shadows & Silhouettes Competition - Commended Images.

November 14, 2016

Only the top three images will be shown on the competitions page, the list below gives recognition to the commended and highly commended entries.

Outlined in Blue, Christine Schofield, 17 Commended

Sunset on Ythan, John Marks, 17 Commended

Mid somersault, Kenny Leask, 17 Commended

Heart of the bible, Richard Schofield, 17 Commended

Peep and Tom, Sandy Cowie, 17 Commended

Steps and Spindles, Stuart Smith, 17 Commended

Daniel in shadow, Donna Nelson, 18 Highly Commended

Craigewan Match

October 24, 2016

Ellon win Craigewan match

Top Ellon pictures (17+)

1st (20 pts) - Feeding Frenzy: Pete Thomson
2nd (19 its) - Italian Chapel: Bob Grant-Beer
Highly Commended (19 pts) - Bug: Donna Nelson
Highly Commended (19 pts) - Final Approach: Bill Grant
Commended (18 pts) - Common Tern: Andy Leonard
18 pts - A book at bedtime: David Jones
17 pts - Auchmacoy Misty Morning: Andy Leonard
17 - pts Reflections on Tyne II: John Marks
17 - pts Stonehaven Harbour Blue Hour: Richard Schofield
17 - pts Tyne Reflections: John Marks

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