Competitions Notes

PhotoTrek Digital Image Challenge - Theme: UK in the Summer


The competition is open to all club members. There will be 5 categories:

  • Cat-1 It’s all in the detail

  • Cat-2 From a different angle

  • Cat-3 Shapes/Curves/Patterns

  • Cat-4 Seascapes/Landscapes

  • Cat-5 Events.


  • Choose 3 out of 5 of the categories and submit one photo for each chosen category.

  • Images will be entered via PhotoEntry. The name of the entry MUST be proceeded by the category number. Please use EXACTLY this format:

  • 'Cat-x-photoname' (where x = number 1 to 5)

  • All images are to be taken between 1st May and 31st August 2018.

  • All images to be taken in the UK

  • All images should reflect the subject of ‘SUMMER in the UK’. ie images that could have been taken anytime, anywhere will be marked down!

  • Images may be Colour or Monochrome.

  • All images to be submitted by 2nd September 2018.

  • The images will be judged at the club meeting in early September 2018.

  • The member with the highest scoring portfolio will be the winner. 

  • In the event of a tie, a score count back will be carried out. ​


Notes for entries.

Digital images must be resized to 1400 pixels maximum for landscape format and 1050 pixels maximum height for portrait format. So no image should be wider than 1400 or higher than 1050. Square images maximum size is 1050. If you require info about resizing send email to


Entries for all competitions can be colour, black and white, sepia etc. Images that are used in photo trek or Open can be used in other competitions if they match the competition title. You can submit up to 3 images. Try to use recently taken images. Go out there and use your imagination. Open competitions can be any subject you like portrait, wildlife, landscape, still life, macro, cars etc etc etc.

  • Images for Open competitions can be of any subject and in colour or black and white

  • Members are allowed up to 3 entries per competition

  • All digital images will be by via Photoentry

  • All images entered for competitions must be the sole work of the owner

Resizing Your Image in Photoshop

  1. Launch Photoshop CS6 and open the image to resize.

  2. Click the “Image” menu and choose “Image Size.”

  3. Click the “Constrain Proportions” check box so a check appears. If this box is already checked, leave it as it is. This ensures your resizing doesn’t alter the perspective or shape of your picture.

  4. Choose your preferred increment from the drop-down menu in the Document Size section of the window, including inches, picas, points or percent.

  5. Click into either the “Width” or “Height” box in the Document Size section of the window. Type the number of your preferred new size, such as going from “6” to “4.” Note that the other box will automatically adjust, since the proportions are constrained.

  6. Click the “OK” button and the window closes, bringing you back to the Photoshop canvas with the image resized.

  7. Save the image. To overwrite the original and keep just the newly sized image, click the “File” menu and choose “Save.” To keep the original and the new size separate, click the “File” menu, choose “Save As,” type a different file name than the original and click the “Save” button.




With resizing images, it is always smarter to start large and resize down. When you increase the size of an image, especially at large intervals, you run the risk of pixilation. This is when an image starts to break up into the individual pixels that comprise it, and your picture starts to look distorted.

When you do need to enlarge a picture, check the "Re-sample Image" box at the bottom of the Image Size window. Choose "Bi-cubic Smoother (best for enlargements)" from the drop-down menu and experiment with going up in size.

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